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“Sur La Route de la Liberte” for Marie Claire, France,

These are the women who’ve thrown in the towel on the nine to five, hitched caravans shaped like silver bullets to their pickups and headed west. Here they roam the range like later day cowgirls, searching for something. Not least liberte, sororite et autonomie......

“All the junk mail that fills your mail box...... that was my job: advising my clients about that kind of advertising and organizing it for them. .......... One day I could’t take it anymore and I quit.” Says Alison Turner in Big Sur California.
“I earned six figures, but I was lost..... When I climbed into my car, I had a feeling of total liberty, an indescribable joy. I’ve done it! No more life in chains, it’s over.”

Amie Sykes quit her job as a para-legal in Austin, Texas fifteen years ago and puts it like this,
“As I drove north, I knew that the city never looked as good as it did at that moment … in the rearview mirror.
.......I was like a bird in a cage. I sold my car and bought a huge pickup truck which I painted pink and nicknamed “Large Marge”. Then I began to comb the flea markets of Texas with a caravan on the back. I didn’t plan it but I started dealing in junk. I just bought stuff and fixed it up to sell.”
Pretty soon her sister Jolie joined her, leaving her job in a Houston hospital. Rolling along in “Large Marge”, they lived a dream and in doing so built up a business that turns over more than a million dollars a year.
“There’s a romance to the road. To wake at dawn in the cold, pull on a parka and warm gloves, listen to the roar of the motor and feel the tremble of the caravan. The world belongs to you and you’re free.”

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