The US sports brand Hyperice hired me to shoot a series of portraits of their sponsored atheletes in Europe, with the brief "A Day in the Life of...". So here are Luc Abalo, world champion handball player and Olympic gold medalist in the gym in Paris, along with Wesley Fofana, French international rugby player at his club in Clermont Auvergne and soccer's Olivier Giroud of Arsenal and France in London. To see more click here: more images

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Olivier Giroud
       Luc Abalo

Here a selection of food and restaurant photographs made for the French edition of Marie Claire.

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Colorful desserts at Le Bistro Voyageur rue Caulaincourt, from the series “La Rue Qui Monte”, Paris Pages in Marie Claire.

Salad wraps at Lionel Benoemoun & Kaori Endo’s cool Japanese eatery Nanashi 2 in the Marais.

Alexis Roux de Bézieux’s Causses “branché magasin d’alimentation” in SoPi or South Pigalle.

Artinisal ice cream at Raimo Glacier in the 12th arrondissement Paris.

More from “La Rue Qui Monte” rue Caulaincourt, this time salmon tartare at Le Bistro Voyageur.

Colourful plates at Kura an up-market restaurant in the 16th.

Above, images from my travel stories for Marie Claire. First the green cornucopia available at Portland’s Farmer’s market. Then, again in Portland, Oregon, some serious prepping and equally serious coffee making and an oyster wall..

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Quiksilver's launch party for its resurrected original'70s scallop style board shorts. Although pitched as a low key back to basics the event had no shortage of stars, including ASP pro Dane Reynolds, and surfing's first world champion Jeff Hakman

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Below more images from Marie Claire’s Paris Pages for the cognoscente, the dedicated Parisienne devotee of shopping...

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Bird on the Wire in Bastille “l’idéal en cas de panne d’ idée de cadeaux” - or - “the best shop for a present if you can’t think of anything else!”

Trompe l’oiel at Kitsch - new Italian design in the 10th!

Les Petits Monstres in rue Caulaincourt, in the 18th, a toy shop aimed squarely at parents rather than their children.

The owners of the über cool cinema “le Nouveau Latina” in the Marais.

LouLou Addict in the 11th - marvels at nice price!

Interior decoration Portlandia style.

Again pictures from my travels for Marie Claire. The Ace hotel, Portland, pays due respect to Leonard Cohen's Suzanne, next to plumped up pillows at the Rennaissance hotel in Paris. Breakfast menu at the Ace and chic modernism at the Silken Gran Hotel Domine, Bilbao opposite the Guggenheim. My favourite hotel in Portland, the Jupiter and a room at the Ace.

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