I’m currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, after living in Paris, Biarritz, the West of Ireland and London. But to begin at the beginning, I was born in Pembroke, Wales and grew up in the Mumbles on the edge of Gower, although I have lived mostly elsewhere, that is where I’m from.

My photo-journalistic career began in earnest and by accident in the late 2000’s when I was asked to shoot a travel story in Spain for Marie Claire. But perhaps the seeds were really sown much earlier in the 70’s, in New York city, during summer holiday gigs assisting some of Sports Illustrated’s photographers.

At the time I was studying painting at Chelsea School of Art in London and then later at Corsham and you can find out about my painting career here www.nickgammon.com.

Shooting pictures can sometimes be like hunting or big wave surfing and sharpen the senses to hyper-sensibility. Given a ticket to the other side of the world knowing you have come back with good pictures, come back with the story, can bring that on… a cocktail of fear and excitement. And like big wave surfing that has to be tempered with cold calculation.

My stories and pictures have featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Grazia, Axel Springer publications, Courrier International, and newspapers such as The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Mirror, Daily Mail, The Express, amongst others.

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